Sunday, 17 July 2011

Carstensz Pyramid itinerary

The 19-day itinerary for Carstensz Pyramid has been confirmed as follows:

DAY 1 - 24 Oct: Meet expedition team in Denpasar, Bali @ Ramada Bintang Bali Resort (

DAY 2 - 25 Oct: From BALI to TIMIKA by Garuda Indonesia airlines. Check-in @ Hotel Golden for breakfast. Meeting/briefing. Equipment checking with guide. Weight measurements for people and equipments @ airlines office for chartered flight.

DAY 3 - 26 Oct: TIMIKA - ILAGA (Charter flight) – Trekking to PINAPA Village (2 hours). Stay @ Chief of Village’s hut. 1 day kept in reserve in case of bad weather affecting charter flight.

DAY 4 - 27 Oct: TREKKING TO CARSTENSZ PYRAMID BASE CAMP: trek in the muddy forest. 7-8 hours to Camp 1, called Wind’s Door.

DAY 5 - 28 Oct: TREKKING TO CARSTENSZ PYRAMID BASE CAMP: trek over broken, hilly terrain. 6-7 hours to Camp 2, Riverside.

DAY 6 - 29 Oct: TREKKING TO CARSTENSZ PYRAMID BASE CAMP: trekking over hilly terrain, then a long flat, swampy area with 3-4 river crossings. 7 hours to Camp 3, Mapalapurom.

DAY 7 - 30 Oct: TREKKING TO CARSTENSZ PYRAMID BASE CAMP: a shorter trek through small hills and muddy, rocky terrain. Mainly swampy. 7 hours to Camp 4, Lakes Scenery.

DAY 8 - 31 Oct: TREKKING TO CARSTENSZ PYRAMID BASE CAMP: small, dry hills then big flat area again, swampy, 5-6 hours to Camp 5, Nasidome.

DAY 9 - 1 Nov: TREKKING TO CARSTENSZ PYRAMID BASE CAMP: trekking through some running water, then scrambling across New Zealand Pass to CARSTENSZ PYRAMID BASE CAMP of Lakes Valley, 6-7 hours,

DAY 10 - 2 Nov: Summit attempt. The climb to the summit and back to base camp normally takes between 10-14 hours. We keep 1 extra day in case of bad weather. I hope to use this extra day to climb neighbouring Ngga Pulu and create a photographic record of the remaining glaciers on Papua. This initiative is supported by the Alpine Club of Canada Environment Fund.

DAY 11 to 15 - 3-7 Nov: Trek back to PINAPA-ILAGA village. If team arrives in Pinapa before night falls, it’s possible to continue walking to Ilaga. If not, team will have to walk early morning (04.00) from Pinapa to Ilaga airport.

DAY 16 - 8 Nov: FLIGHT ILAGA-TIMIKA and connect to Bali flight. We keep 1 day reserve in case of bad weather for flight Ilaga-Timika.

I'm extremely excited about my return to Papua after a difficult expedition in 2010. I'm very focused on being in the best possible physical condition on this expedition I also look forward to representing my sponsors and supporters in the best way possible on this and future expeditions. My training at the moment consists of a progressive weight training regime (5 days per week) and lots of running, both on the treadmill and in my local 'park' in Dhaka. Running outside here is tough due to the combination of temperature (30 + degrees C) and high humidity (60-90%). I have been slowly building up my CV fitness and I am currently running between 7 and 10km on my training runs.