Monday, 19 September 2011

Expedition shortlisted in Berghaus Adventure Challenge

The really great news is that my 2011 Carstensz Pyramid Glacier expedition has been shortlisted to win the Berghaus Adventure Challenge! - if I win, I get £1,000 towards the expedition, plus £1,000 worth of Berghaus kit, which would be a huge boost. Over the last few days the lead has changed hands several times between my nearest competitor and me, but at the time of writing I hold a lead of 50 votes with 32 hours left until voting closes. Will this be enough?!

It would be great if you could take a few moments to visit the link above and vote. Just click "Vote for this entry" on my Carstensz Pyramid Glacier expedition, easily register your email address, password and name, and you're done! I would also really appreciate if you were able to spread the word on Facebook/twitter etc or forward the details to your friends and family.

As a reminder, the objectives of the expedition are to:

- safely climb Carstsensz Pyramid via the normal route up the north face.
- compile a photographic record of Papua's few remaining and fast-receding glaciers for analysis by climate change researchers in the UK, US and Australia

For info, I'm promoting the expedition using the following media:

Twitter: and my own Twitter page -
Vimeo: I have been hard at work editing the video footage shot on an earlier expedition to Papua last year, but due to work demands in Bangladesh, have had limited time. In the interim, I have uploaded an introduction that summarises my previous Africa 3 Peaks expedition here:,

I will also raise funds again for Raleigh International's Youth Partnership Programme, which gives underprivileged young people the opportunity to experience a life-changing expedition overseas. Please visit to donate online.

I am very happy to announce that both BDL ( and Gibson Pensions & Investments ( are both supporting the expedition financially. In addition, the Jeremey Willson Charitable Trust and Winston Churchill memorial Trust have both extended their support. I'm extremely grateful to all of my sponsors and supporters.

Team news: The logistics on this expedition are being handled by a local agent and the expedition was open for international clients. The other expedition team members come from UK (1), USA (3) and China (1). I will meet up with the team in Bali on 24th October.

Cheers, Ricky Munday